Spring til indhold

The Royal Danish Embassy in
Kampala is looking for a new staff member with academic qualifications to work
within the area of Aid Management. 

The Danish Embassy in Kampala will be managing a country programme of almost 1 billion DKK in the period of 2018-2022. The country programme consist of a programme for growth and employment and a programme on good governance. The country  programme is implemented by approximately 10 implementing partners, of which two are decentralized units under the Embassy.

Sound financial management and anti-corruption are of high priority to the Embassy. In cooperation with the Embassy’s Chief Financial Officer (CFO) and the programme staff, you will be responsible for conducting field-monitoring visits to all partners of the country programme, at least once a year. Hence, some days of up-country travel can be expected.

The employee will be responsible for a number of tasks within management of the development aid. You will work directly under the Embassy’s CFO and furthermore have close cooperation with the embassy’s programme staff, the administrative team, Danida advisors and implementing partners. Typical task related to the position will include:

  • Responsibility for procurement and contracts within the scope of development aid, including EU tendering in cooperation with the contract office in the Danish Ministry of Foreign Affairs and the Danish Government’s Legal Adviser (Kammeradvokaten).
  • Responsibility for administration of advisors, including cooperation with the HR Department in the Danish Ministry of Foreign Affairs.
  • Assist with accounting in the financial management systems of the Danish Ministry of Foreign Affairs.
  • Assist programme staff in systematizing and follow up on recommendations from audit reports, monitoring reports and progress reports.
  • Assist programme staff in budget analysis and updating the budgets in the financial managements systems of the Danish Ministry of Foreign Affairs.
  • Systematise and update overviews of cases with irregularities and corruption
  • Assist with the Embassy’s practical anti-corruptive efforts within the development work and the running of the Embassy.
  • Assist in financial monitoring visits.
  • Assisting in sparring and desk training in the financial management systems for the Embassy programme staff. (Prior knowledge of the systems within the Danish Ministry of Foreign Affairs beforehand, is not required).
  • Responsibility for administrative reporting to the EU regarding the EU’s support for the Democratic Governance Facility through the delegated partnership.


  • Relevant Master degree or similar
  • Experience with administration and management in a public (or publicly funded) organisation.
  • Capability to read and understand instructions and guidelines in Danish.
  • Motivated by working with (financial) management of development aid.
  • Systematically and logical way of thinking
  • You should be thorough and capable of quickly and independently familiarize yourself with guidelines and systems.
  • You should have a constructive and open approach towards cooperation with all colleagues of the Embassy and external partners. Furthermore, you need to be able to be firm without jeopardizing the cooperation between the Embassy and the partners.

What we can offer:

  • An open work environment with good cooperation as a focal point.
  • Possibility of flexible work hours
  • 37 hours of work/week
  • Leave and public holidays in accordance with the Danish Ministry of Foreign Affairs guidelines for local staff.
  • Salary in accordance to the Embassy’s salary structure for academic employees.
  • Good colleagues, both Ugandan and Danish.
  • Bright and spacious office conditions with good indoor climate.

Deadline for application: 17th of October 2017.

We expect to hold interviews with the relevant applicants the 23rd and 24th of October with start-up as quickly as possible after that. From the outset, the position is for a period of two years.

Send your application (maximum one page) and your CV to kmtamb@um.dk.