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A Warm Welcome

Welcome to the Royal Danish Embassy of Denmark in Uganda


I have since 1 September 2018 been Charge d’Affaires of the Danish Embassy in Uganda. The work of the Embassy is however not new to me as I have had the pleasure of working at the Embassy for the past five years. I thus have a solid knowledge of the Danish partnerships with the Ugandan state and non-state partners. This will be my focus in the year to come: to continue a constructive partnership between Denmark and Uganda.

2018 marks the beginning of the new Danish 5-year country programme in Uganda, which broadly speaking have two thematic focus areas. One concentrates on sustainable and inclusive development of the economy with a focus on private sector development, in particular agri-business. This is essential to reduce poverty and inequality in Uganda. The other theme is on enhancing democracy, accountability and respect for human rights in partnership with state and non-state partners. The country programme has a special focus on the inclusion of women and the youth.

A number of our partnerships have a special focus on Northern Uganda, which is lacking behind most other parts of the country due to the more than 20 years of civil war. At the same time, Northern Uganda is hosting a huge number of refugees, which makes Uganda Africa’s largest refugee-hosting country. The Embassy wants to ensure that our work in Northern Uganda benefits not only the refugees but also the host communities that have generously welcomed the refugees.

For me, Uganda has become a second home having lived here since 2013 with my family. It is an honor to lead a team of dedicated staff at the Embassy, who is eager to further develop our cooperation and who is at the service of Danish and Ugandan citizens, organizations and companies. We are doing our best to be helpful, and we welcome any feedback on how you see our efforts.

Looking forward to our cooperation.
Yours Faithfully,
Majbrit Holm Jakobsen