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13.12.2017  11:59

The programme for ‘Women, Adolescents and Youth Rights and Empowerment’ will run from 2018 to 2022 targeting both refugees and Ugandans in selected refugee-hosting districts in Northern Uganda.

The interventions will include an integrated approach to gender equality, sexual and reproductive health and rights, gender-based violence prevention and response, as well as socio-economic empowerment. It is expected that approximately 450 schools and 200 health facilities across the target districts and refugee settlements will benefit from the Danish funding. An estimated 600 health workers and 200 service providers addressing gender-based violence will also be supported with training on sexual and reproductive health and rights, as well as prevention and response to gender-based violence.



According to the Office of the Prime Minister, Uganda is host to 1.4 million refugees as of November 2017, majority below the age of 17 and about one-third being females of reproductive age. In many of the refugee-hosting districts, the ratio of refugees to nationals has reached parity.



“Through this programme, we seek to strengthen the self-reliance of women and young people among both Ugandans and refugees. We know that if they live more healthy and productive lives, they will be able to contribute to their own development and to social change in their communities. Better health means more wealth: That is the idea we are trying to promote together with UNFPA and our Ugandan partners,” said the Ambassador of Denmark to Uganda, Mogens Pedersen.  The Government of Denmark is a strong supporter of UNFPA’s work across the world, and is among the top five contributors of core funds to the organization globally.



“Women and young people’s rights, empowerment and health must be at the center of all humanitarian and development efforts. They apply to all people at all times, and can be a catalyst to long-term sustainable development. This additional support from the Government of Denmark to Uganda will enable us to achieve even greater results to transform the lives of women and young people, both refugees and host communities in the districts targeted by the programme,” said the UNFPA Representative, Mr. Alain Sibenaler.



The agreement was signed by Mogens Pedersen, the Ambassador of Denmark to Uganda and Mr. Alain Sibenaler, UNFPA Representative.


For more information contact:


Ms. Prossy Nakanjako, Team Leader Communications, Media and External Relations

United Nations Population Fund (UNFPA), Tel: +256 4177 44500, Email:


Ms. Raquel Palomino Gonzalez, Program Analyst AYSRH

United Nations Population Fund (UNFPA), Tel: + 256 417 744523, Email:



In Royal Danish Embassy, Kampala

Ms. Agnes Ocitti, Sr. Advisor

Tel.: +256 31 2 263 211, Email:


Ms. Lise Abildgaard Sørensen, Counsellor

Tel.: +256 31 2 263 211, Email:



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