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U-Growth (Uganda Growth) is a rural economic development programme focussing on growth and employment creation with agriculture and agribusiness at its core. Denmark has committed a grant of DKK 440 million (approximately UGX 167 billion) for the U-Growth Programme which will run from January 2010 to December 2013, to be superseded by U-Growth II in 2014. 

The U-Growth programme has three components:

1.     Public Sector Agriculture Support.
Technical Assistance to the Ministry of Agriculture, Animal Industry and Fisheries.

2.     Rural Transport Infrastructure.
The component will through earmarked sector budget support be part of the rehabilitation of 3000 km. of district roads in Northern Uganda and a number of other community transport infrastructures. It will also support National Training at Mount Elgon Labour-based Training Centre and the Ministry of Works and Transport.

3.     The Agribusiness Initiative.
The Initiative will support the Ugandan objective of strengthening the competitiveness of Uganda’s agricultural and agro-processing sector, as a primary driver for growth and employment. It will apply value chain approaches, initially focusing on coffee, maize, oil seeds, pulses and export horticultural products.

The U-Growth programme responds to Government’s priorities for private sector driven growth that creates employment and reduces poverty, reflecting also the recommendations of the recent Africa Commission that was initiated by the Prime Minister of Denmark and which Uganda actively participated in.



For more information about the Agribusiness Initiative, please contact:
First Secretary
Albert B. Birnbaum



U-Growth Programme Document