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Strengthening of Accountability on Local Service Delivery

Danida supports initiatives to promote improvements in local service delivery and to ensure that local governments operate on sound governance principles.

The support is provided through four key agencies:

1. Ministry of Local Government is supported to implement the Local Government “Good Governance and Anti-corruption Strategy”, and to facilitate professionalization of local government’s accountants and auditors. The support aims at enhancing the functionality of the local governments by improving transparency and accountability as well as strengthening the regulatory framework/practice for downward accountability.

2. The Uganda Local Government Association is supported to spearhead the implementation and adherence to the Charter on Accountability and Ethical Code of Conduct for Local Governments, assist in quality assurance for local government capacity building initiatives, implementation of the local government anti-corruption strategy; sensitization of the citizens on rights and obligations so as to monitor the use of public resources by local governments.
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3. The Inspectorate of Government is the key anti-corruption institution. It is supported to enhance capacity to investigate and prosecute corruption cases. With Danish support, an on-line tool was developed to facilitate verification and investigation of the leaders’ declaration of assets and liabilities. Roll-out of regional offices to increase physical presence of the IG in the regions has also been supported.
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4. The Financial Management and Accountability Programme (FINMAP) is the Government of Uganda’s Public Financial Management (PFM) reform, which guides the focus for PFM reforms in Uganda. The programme feeds into the National Development Plan objectives of the Accountability Sector. The overall goal of FINMAP is to strengthen Public Financial Management at all levels of government to ensure efficient, effective, and accountable use of public resources as a basis for improved service delivery. The programme intends to achieve three main outcomes: 1) Budget Credibility; 2) Improved Budget Control; and 3) Improved Compliance to Rules and Regulations.