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Democratic Governance Facility

The DGF was established in July 2011 by eight Development Partners, namely Austria, Denmark, Ireland, the Netherlands, Norway, Sweden, the United Kingdom and the European Union as a multi-donor mechanism for strengthening democratic governance in Uganda.

Government’s democratic governance objectives and principles as laid out in the 1995 Constitution and embodied in the country’s National Development Plan and National Action Plan on Human Rights. The DGF supports civil society and selected state institutions with the purpose of strengthening democratisation, protection of human rights, access to justice, peaceful co-existence and improved accountability in Uganda. The DGF currently operates with more than 80 implementing partners, the majority being Ugandan civil society organisations.

DGF has three components:

  • Deepening Democracy
  • Rights, Justice and Peace
  • Voice and Accountability.

The DGF Implementing Partners are DGF’s primary stakeholders and lead activity implementation, dialogue, and advocacy initiatives in relation to their democratic governance work.

You can read more about the DGF, its components and its partners at