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Justice, Law and Order Sector

Danida has supported interventions in the Justice, Law and Order Sector (JLOS) with special focus on the Judiciary for over 20 years.

In the past, focus was on construction of court premises. This support contributed immensely to the improvement of the physical access to justice in Uganda. However, the need for appropriate structures was identified and Denmark thus shifted attention towards improving efficiency of the JLOS institutions and implementation of reforms/innovations in the sector to enhance quality service delivery.

During this phase of UGOGO, the following areas of interventions are supported:

1. Development and implementation of the new Strategic Investment Plan (2012/13-2016/17) including an M&E framework for the JLOS sector;

2. Development of a Performance Enhancement Mechanism for the Judiciary;

3. Implementation of the small claims procedures to reduce case backlog and prevention of new backlog particularly in the area of civil and commercial law;

4. Human Resource development and capacity strengthening;

5. Introduction of reforms in the High Court including strengthening of the War Crimes Division and development of sentencing guidelines;

6. Implementation of the JLOS Anti-Corruption Strategy within the sector institutions.


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