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WoMena - Bridging the gap between innovation and implementation

13.01.2016  07:05

WoMena is an NGO working with implementation of innovative, evidence-based reproductive health solutions in low-resource settings. We develop and implement strategic plans for increasing use of selected solutions in partnership with local and international experts (

Our objectives: to identify neglected reproductive health issues, research, communication and policy gaps, and develop evidence and tools to address them.

Our current focus: menstrual hygiene management (MHM) and menstrual cups (MC) in Uganda.

Our story: began in Uganda 2010, where our founders were doing research on family planning methods. During the course of the research, we discovered many women did not have effective methods for managing their menstruation. When exploring the issue further, we found that there was a paucity of evidence on menstrual hygiene management. 

Around the same time, we were introduced to the menstrual cup – a bell-shaped cup made of medical-grade silicone, worn inside the vagina during menstruation to collect menstrual fluid – and wondered, why had this not been explored as a solution? We started noting: Many existing reproductive health solutions were not getting used to their full capacity. There seemed to be a gap between innovation, research and implementation. Could we bridge that gap?

WoMena’s activities: are strategically targeted towards policy, programmatic and social adoption of a given reproductive health technology and include:

  1. Research & evaluations
  2. Implementation support
  3. Raising public awareness
  4. Advocacy & policy


Menstrual cup study participant (Tom Saater, 2014)

WoMena planned projects (2015-2016):

  • Follow-up study on the experiences of participants from above projects.
  • Implementation support for menstrual cup interventions for 2-4 partner NGOs and foundations.
  • Radio programs with partners Radio Wa and Straight Talk Foundation on menstruation and related methods. 
  • Study on menstrual hygiene management method preferences & safety in refugee settlements.



WoMena is a team of Public Health, Development, Medical, Communication & Sociology professionals with expertise in reproductive health:

30+ volunteers; male and female; from ten different nationalities; based in eight countries around the world, working on a voluntary basis, committed to addressing MHM and reproductive health issues.