Spring til indhold

Hovedpunkter for præsidentens taler 

OPDATERET 19. MAJ 2020 KL. 14.30.

Ambassaden vil opdatere jer når præsident Museveni adresserer nationen. Herunder finder i løbende en uformel sammenfatning af dem. 

Summary of the 14th National Adress on COVID19 (18th May 2020, 9.09pm)


1. A total number of 166 cases out of the 227 positive cases are truck drivers, furthermore, 122  of the 166 are foreign nationals (as of the 16th May) 


**Truck drivers are no longer  allowed to enter the county without their COVID19 status known. Truck drivers are therefore not allowed to enter Uganda or leave the border until their results have been released.( This directive went into effect on the 16th May 2020). 


**Govt is using a rapid test (GeneXpert Machines) for this group of persons at the border points that produces results within one (1) hour


2. Furthermore, only 9 Ugandans from the community were positive (these are persons that are not returnees) , in addition, 63 cases have healed and are back home (as of the 16th). No one has died from COVID19.


3. About 75% of the cargo (coffee, tea, cement, steel bars, sugar, maize, milk products, machinery, defence weapons, medical products, petrol and it's products etc) on the trucks, ships, planes etc is for  Uganda (imports and exports), therefore it's not necessary to block cargo transport as this strengthens us. 


4. A total 3,200 beds in Ugandan hospitals have been dedicated for COVID19 cases, in addition , each of the previously mentioned 16 regional hospitals will be equipped with a full ICU soon.


** Note: Kabale, Mbarara, Hoima and Jinja Hospitals have ICU


5. In regard to specialized medical equipment: a total of 102 working ventilators (breathing machines that support COVID19 cases that develop severe lung disease)  are available at the  Mulago National Hospital, in addition a total of 35 more ventilators are available at the Regional levels as well. 


**Govt is also in the process of procurong a total of 145 ventilators with a plan to ensure that each regional referral hospital can have upto 10 ventilators.


6. The patients that have recovered from COVID19 have been encouraged to donate their plasma (liquid part of blood), because their plasma may be beneficial since the plasma has antibodies against the corona virus and thus can be used in treating COVID19 (convalescent plasma therapy)


7. The public must wear face masks at all times when in public places, therefore the Govt is going to give face masks to all Ugandans aged 6yrs and above. ( One mask per person ). 


**The Masks shall be distributed through the LC system 


8. General merchandise shops that are not based in shopping malls or arcades will be allowed to open ONLY after the 2nd June when everyone has got a Govt issued Face Mask, however the shops located in malls and arcades will remain closed.


9. Non-food items shall not be allowed in the food markets  until treatement or vaccine for Corona virus is available.


10. Public transport has been allowed, but they should carry half of their normal capacity to avoid overcrowding, however border districts of Uganda will not be allowed to use public transport for another 21 days. 


** Public transport will resume ONLY after everyone has recieved the GOVT issued Face Masks which will be available two weeks from today (2nd June)


**Taxi touts, etc will not be allowed to operate and taxi operators have been requested to seek other methods of guiding their clients. 


11. Bodabodas will not be allowed to carry passengers. They will continue carry cargo as before.


12. Bars, nightclubs, hair salons, gyms, saunas, public swimming pools etc will not be allowed to open for another  21 days. 


13. Borders points and airports will remain closed. 


14. Schools will be allowed to open ONLY for CANDIDATES classes - P7, S4, S6, undergrad, postgrad, vocational etc. This will take effect from the 2nd June ( tied to Face Mask distribution as well because a large number of students rely on public transportation to access their schools)


15. Curfew (6.30am to 7.00pm) remains in place for another 21 days 


16. Hotels and good restaurants have been allowed to open.


17. Private cars have been allowed back on the road with a maximum of 3 persons per vehicle, however, private car owners and their passengers will also be required to wear masks for them to use the roads. (Subject to 2nd June Mask distribution)


18. All other restrictions will remain in place for another 21 days. 


*** Opening up is tied to each Ugandan owning one Govt issued Face masks and this mask will be ready for mass distribution by 2nd June. 


1. Thanked and congratulated Ugandans for responding well to the tough measures put in place to stop the spread of COVID-19.

2. So far we seem to be doing very well given the current statistics.

3. The COVID-19 curve is flat and at times it is tending to zero.

4. Any one with flue like symptoms should not be in the public and even at home, that person should be in isolation.

5. Reminded us not to touch our eyes, nose and mouth at all times.

6. Thanked the health workers for a good job done. So far no person has died of COVID-19 and 20 people have recovered from the desease.

7. Thanked the scientists who are working hard and are now very active in finding ways of developing the vaccine for COVID-19.

8. Called upon politicians and bureaucrats to see the light and remunerate the scientists very well. The other professionals can be considered later for better remuneration.

9. Warned people who are getting movement stickers illegally that their cars will be confiscated.

10. Hon Musa Echweru will explain the issue of the reported bad food which was raised. This will be sorted out.

11. Warned supplers who are doing funny games of hoarding food. If this happens again, Government will import cheaper food in bulk and the local food will rot in their stores.

12. Warned those selling bad food to government that they will face the consequences.

13. Apologized to the people along Jinja Road where he passed but couldn’t stop for fear of them congregating and end up catching COVID-19.

14. He apologized for the accident involving his vehicles that knocked a goat in Seeta area. Requested the DISO of the area to get in touch with State House for the compensation of the knocked goat.

15. Boda Bodas and bicycles will effective tomorrow 20 April 2020 operate up to 5Pm.

16. The National Task Force should analyze the issue of 3 people traveling in the cargo trucks. There is a view that only one person is enough. The Task Force will advise the President.

17. When someone dies of COVID-19, this person should be buried where he/she has died. The body should not be returned to the Country. If someone dies inside the country, the health workers will be responsible for burrying this person.

18. Regarding the locusts, the strategy is to spray the locusts while they are on the ground. This is done during the night until 10:00am the following day. Locusts have been killed and they have not destroyed anything. The President congratulated UPDF for the innovation in managing this problem.

19. The water level of Lake Victoria has gone up, to the record of 1964. The result is that at our dam in Jinja, more water is now being released. We are now releasing 2,000 cubic meters of water per second. In this regard, the President warned People who cultivate on the shores of the lake and on the banks of river Nile to vacate immediately. Those encroaching on wetlands sorroundjng lake Victoria and River Nile should also leave peacefully.

20. Congratulated the Engineers of the Ministry of Works, NEMA, Ministry of Energy and others who managed to remove the floating vegetation from the Dam.

Among the Engineers on site we also had our own UNRA Ferries Team and they participated in removing this floating vegetation. We applaud them for the good job done.

21. Thanked all the people and institutions that have positively responded to the appeal of donations to support the prevention of COVID-19.




1. Congratulated Ugandans for the good response towards his call to remain at home as a way to fight COVID-19.

2. He reminded Ugandans that this is a matter of life and death and therefore we should not joke around with it.

3. He also reminded us on how to protect/prevent COVID-19 as follows;

(I) Stay confined if you have a flu or cough. Isolate your self from family members. Do not sneeze or cough near other people. Do not be near some one coughing or sneezing. Seek medical attention if you develop coughs or flu symptoms.

(ii) Periodically clean and sanitize frequently used/touched surfaces.

(iii) Wash your hands regularly with water and soap or use sanitizers.

(iv) Do not touch your face-eyes, nose and mouth.

4. So far we have 45 confirmed cases of COVID-19 and most of them are imported cases. Of the 45, 9 were captured at the airport, 23 were under quarantine while 13 had already interacted with the population. The 13 cases have had contact with about 660 people and these have been identified.

5. The following sectors must be facilitated with car stickers to continue working: Health, Electricity, Water, Banking and Veterinary Services.

6. He saluted LCs for the good work being done.

7. Crime Preventers should not get involved in the COVID-19 exercise unless invited by UPDF.

8. LDUs must stop misbehaving and entering into peoples’ homes. Those who do this will be severely punished.

9. The announced curfew means staying at home but not necessarily staying inside the house. The home includes the house, compound, verandah, kitchen, etc. For some communities this could also mean the farm for cases where people have to bring cows to the kraals.

10. The Country now has 10% of the required health protective gear. Government is working with local companies to produce the health protective gear from within the country.

11. Warned corrupt RDCs to stop issuing movement chits any how. This work should be left for the Hon. Minister of Works and Transport. After clarification on the matter, HE The President withdrew the statement on RDCs.

12. He advised people who are walking on foot to town in big numbers to stay at home. He mentioned that tomorrow he will task security to ask them where they are always walking to.

13. Advised markets to comply with SOPs or they will be closed. He gave an example of Kalerwe, Nakawa and Busega markets.

14. He down played the pessimism being exhibited in Parliament that the economy will suffer too much. Yes, some sectors will suffer but others will do well. For example the country is going to concentrate on local manufacturing. He also gave an example of the Pharmaceutical Industries which now have an opportunity to produce the drugs and PPE required in the struggle against COVID-19.

15. The Ministry of Health has not identified all the people who entered the Country during the critical period under reference. The process of identifying them is still ongoing.

16. Appealed to the public to contribute vehicles and food for this cause of COVID-19.

17. He clarified that the people being targeted for food distribution are those affected by the anti corona measures. For example the salon workers etc. He clarified that this is a short term measure and is not an anti poverty campaign.

18. Expectant mothers should keep in touch with Subcounty Leadership for facilitation to Health facilities.

19. Cleaners and support staff should camp at the offices.

20. He advised Ugandans that COVID-19 is not a disease for Europeans, Americans and Chinese only. He mentioned that a number of Africans have died in Europe.

21. Food for the vulnerable in Kampala Metropolitan Area will be distributed house to house beginning tomorrow 4 April 2020.

22. He warned the population against being lured by self seekers to use herbs to treat COVID-19. He advised that any radio station which advertises medicine that is not approved should be closed.

23. Today 3 people tested positive for COVID-19. In total we now have 48 cases.