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The official close out ceremony for the first phase of the LCC Capacity Building Programme

06.10.2015  08:58

The programme which was implemented in partnership between MOLG, JLOS, International Law Institute and the DGF in 45 districts aimed "to enhance the capacity of the Local Council Courts to effectively and efficiently adjudicate over matters within their jurisdiction and to enhance access to justice and human rights compliance for the end users of the LCCs system.

Mads Mayerhofer, the Chairperson of the DGF Steering Committee, appreciated the achievements of this unique cooperation to deliver a pool of 900 trainers who in turn conducted localized training of more than 1100 LCCIII members from 193 courts. He re-affirmed DGF's commitment to support initiatives aimed at ensuring accessible, timely and fair access to justice - especially for the poor, vulnerable and marginalized people.

Justice Paul Mugambwa (representing the Principal Judge), was happy to note the joint efforts between government and development partners to re-establish the LCCs as a means of delivering Justice to 80 % of the population most of whom are poor and cannot afford to access justice through the formal court system. He was hopeful that additional resources would be found to further roll out this project to the remaining 66 districts that have not yet been reached.


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