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Denmark commits additional DKK 150 mill. (approx. Euro 20 mill.) in climate financing targeted developing countries

27.05.2020  11:23

The selected climate projects will support climate change adaptation and green jobs in Africa, and strengthen the cooperation with Indonesia on a green transition. If these projects demonstrate new sustainable pathways, they can be scaled-up and serve as inspiration for innovative ways for transitioning towards climate resilient and low carbon development.

The four selected projects will focus on: improved access to climate resilient water supply in Mali, scaling off-grid solar power in Uganda, strengthening collaboration with Indonesia on a green transition and a civil society fund to pilot new innovative and climate solutions.
The Danish Minister for Development Cooperation, Rasmus Prehn, says:

“The economic consequences of the COVID-19 pandemic have hit the African continent hard. However, if we dare to be smart and innovative, it is possible to make a green and climate resilient recovery through investments in sustainable energy sources and green jobs. We cannot forget the climate – even in times of a crisis like the Covid19 pandemic.”

The Danish climate financing is provided to the following pioneer projects:

  • DKK 55 mill. to build climate resilient water, energy and agriculture infrastructure in the border regions of Mali. 
  • DKK 37.5 mill. to accelerate off-grid solar power to unserved communities in Uganda
  • DKK 20 mill.  to promote Danish civil society  work towards innovative climate adaptation in developing countries
  • DKK 37.5 mill. to strengthen the partnerships with Indonesia on a green and low-carbon transition.

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