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Samuelsen: Denmark will vote no to all UN resolutions under special agenda item against Israel

21.03.2019  16:34

Agenda item 7 concerns the situation in Israel and the occupied territories. The decision is due to Denmark’s principled objection against the fact that Israel, as the only country in the world, is the target of a dedicated agenda item.

Anders Samuelsen says:

“From day one since Denmark became a member of the Human Rights Council, I have made clear that it is completely unacceptable that Israel, as the only country in the world, is the target of a dedicated item on the agenda of the Council. I have therefore decided that tomorrow, Denmark will out of principle vote against all resolutions under item 7.

This is about drawing a line in the sand. Of course we must be able to criticize Israel, but it must be on the same terms as with other countries. We will not support the continuation of this unfair and discriminatory practice. For this reason, Denmark is now taking the lead. I hope others will follow.”

In 2019, item 7 on the Human Rights Council’s agenda contains four resolutions, including three on the occupied Palestinian territories and one on the occupied Golan.
The decision made by the Foreign Minister does not entail a change in Denmark’s Middle East policy. It is solely a stand against the discrimination of Israel in the UN Human Rights Council.

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