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UPGRADE: Uganda Programme for Governanve, Rights, Accountability and Democracy

UPGRADE is a governance programme with the objective to enhance accountability and stability and to deepen democracy and respect for human rights. The total budget for 2018-2022 is DKK 325 million (EUR 44 million).

UPGRADE has five engagements that include partnerships with state institutions, multilateral organisation and civil society organisations:

Democratic Governance Facility (DGF): Supporting state and non-state partners to enhance accountability and stability, and deepen democracy and respect for human rights.

United Nations’ Population Fund (UNFPA): Enhancing access to and utilization of sexual and reproductive health and rights and gender based violence services among women and young people in Northern Uganda, including refugees.

Inspectorate of Government (IG): Strengthening the role of state duty-bearers in good governance, accountability and rule of law in public office.

Financial Management and Accountability Programme (FINMAP): Ensure more efficient, effective and accountable use of public resources at central and local level and enhanced resource mobilisation in local governments.

Acholi Religious Leaders’ Peace Initiative (ARLPI): Contributes to a conducive environment for sustainable peace and development in Northern Uganda.


For more information about UPGRADE, please contact:
Team leader Lise Abildgaard Sørensen