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UPSIDE: Uganda Programme for Sustainable and Inclusive Development of the Economy

UPSIDE is a private sector development programme, which aims at creating sustainable and inclusive economic growth based on agricultural development. The total budget for 2018-2022 is DKK 605 million (EUR 88 million). The main beneficiaries are smallholder farmers and small and medium-sized enterprises within agri-business, including refugee and tehir host communities.

UPSIDE focuses on value chain development and making the markets work better for the poor. UPSIDE builds on experience with previous interventions and will have a particular focus on Northern Uganda.

New elements include a focus on climate smart agriculture as well as promoting sexual and reproductive health and rights and countering gender-based violence.

UPSIDE has three engagements, with distinct but linked aims:

Northern Uganda Resilience Initiative (NURI): Enhanced resilience and equitable economic development in supported areas of Northern Uganda, including for refugees and host communities.

Agricultural Business Initiative (aBi):  Increased income and employment through environmentally and socially responsible investments in improved productivity, quality and value addition in agri-businesses and among smallholder farmers in supported agricultural value chains.

Would you like to watch more videos about aBi's work, please follow the link.

TradeMark East Africa (TMEA):  Increased trade through reduced barriers to trade and business competitiveness.



Want to know more?
For more information about UPSIDE please contact, Team leader Ulrik Jørgensen