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Danish support for water and sanitation in Uganda (2013-2018)

Safe water provision and effective sanitation are vital for sustaining life. Inadequate and unsafe water supplies are both a cause and an effect of poverty. Improved access to safe water and sanitation contributes to both human and economic development through improved health, with all its derived effects, and through freeing up time previously used for collecting water, often far away from home.

Water and sanitation in Uganda
Water and sanitation is one of the priority areas for the Government of Uganda, with the Ministry of Water and Environment being responsible for the sector. The overall mission is “to promote and ensure the rational and sustainable utilisation, development and effective management of the water and environment resources for socio-economic development of the country”. Great achievements have been made – one example being the increase in rural water coverage from about 1/3 of the population in 1997 to 2/3 in 2014.

Danish support for water and sanitation in Uganda
Denmark has been a major donor for the water and sanitation in Uganda since 1991. Since 2008, Denmark has together with other development partners supported the sector through a joint programme based on a “Sector Wide Approach”. This has provided a framework for harmonised and aligned support with strong accountability and ownership by the Government of Uganda. Denmark’s current support focuses on ensuring the right to water for the rural population and sustainable management of Uganda’s water resources now and for future generations. Denmark has committed DKK 450 million for the period 2013-2018, linked to the Joint Water and Environment Sector Support Programme (JWESSP) 2013-2018. The Danish funds contribute significantly to more than 600.000 new people in rural areas getting access to safe water each year.


Joint Water and Environment Sector Support Programme (JWESSP)
The JWESSP is the third phase of the joint programme and runs from 2013-2018. This phase reflects the merger of the water and environment sectors into one Ministry of Water and Environment in 2008. The objective of the JWESSP is to help the water and environment sector to achieve its targets and improve its fiscal and physical efficiency through a consistent, harmonised support programme that is aligned to government objectives, policies and delivery modalities.

Danish support to the JWESSP focuses on the following:

  • Sector Budget Support: Support for rural water provision and sanitation through the local governments in all Uganda's 111 districts (DKK 290.5 million)
  • Joint Partnership Fund: Focus on Rural Water, Capacity Development, Integrated Water Resource management, and Climate Change (DKK 137.5 million) 
  • 3 technical advisors working with the Ministry of Water and Environment
  • Studies and reviews








For more information about the Joint Water and Sanitation Sector Programme Support, please contact: 

First Secretary Development
Christian Palomäki Arnesen  


More Information:

JWESSP 2013-2018 Programme Document


Danish support 2013-2018 – Danida External Grant Committee