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Due to Corono-virus all non-essential travel to all countries, including Uganda, Rwanda, Burundi, DRC and Madagascar is not advised. For some countries and areas all travel are advised against. For more info se below and frontpage of the homepage of Denmark's Embassy in Uganda. Here you will also find information on the border measures that are taken in Denmark 14.3 2020.

The Danish Ministry of Foreign Affairs advises against
all unnecessary travel to all countries, including Uganda. Largely, the
airlines typically used to travel from Uganda to Denmark continue to fly
according to normal schedule. These include KLM, Brussels Airlines, Qatar
Airways and Ethiopian Airlines. However, on 13 March 2020 Emirates announced
that they have cancelled two of their weekly flights and inform that the
situation is considered dynamic and further flights may be cancelled at short notice.
Turkish Airlines has announced that they do not fly to a number of European
destinations, including Denmark commencing 16 March 2020. Thus, onward travel
from Istanbul with Turkish Airlines will not be an option. For all airlines, at
least one stopover is required for return to Denmark. Uganda's border crossings
with neighbouring countries remain open to car traffic. There are still no
restrictions on exit from Uganda for persons who are not in self-quarantine.

The Ugandan authorities have introduced measures at
border crossings with Uganda, including at the international airport in
Entebbe, as well as at local airports. All inbound persons must have checks on
body temperatures on arrival and departure.

As of 11.03.20, the Ugandan health authorities have
put in place special restrictions for persons who have visited one of the
following countries in the last fortnight: Italy, San Marino, Iran, South
Korea, France, China, Germany, Spain, Belgium, U.S., United Kingdom,
Netherlands, Sweden, Norway, Austria, Switzerland and Malaysia. All travelers
who have stayed in one of these countries will have to undergo 14 days of
self-quarantine upon arrival in Uganda. This shall not apply to passengers who
have transited exclusively inside the airport in one of the above countries.
The Ugandan authorities have announced that they are considering spraying
people with disinfectants upon arrival at the airport.

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Denmark has no liability for the accuracy of the information available on the website, which is provided by other authorities. The Ministry cannot be held liable for any third-party claims or losses of any damages based on the information provided on the website.


For further information, please contact:

Embassy of Denmark
Plot 3 Lumumba Avenue
P.O. Box 11243, Kampala

Tel.: +256 (0) 312 363 000



Consular Section opening hours:
Monday - Tuesday and Thursday 09.00 - 11.00. Wednesday and Friday closed.