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Danida's Anti-corruption Policy

In the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, we are determined to maintain the highest standards of integrity and work ethics among our staff and across all areas of activity. We therefore maintain a policy of zero tolerance towards corruption in all its forms.
The management of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs approved a new Anti-Corruption Policy on 9 February 2011. It includes an Anti-Corruption Code of Conduct applicable to all employees working in the Ministry of Foreign Affairs in Copenhagen and at the Danish Embassies, Consulates-General, Representative Offices and Trade Commissions.

The new policy and anti-corruption code of conduct replaces Danida’s Anti-Corruption Code of Conduct from 2008 on which it to a large extent is based. Its purpose is to ensure and support behaviour and work ethics characterised by the highest standards of personal and organisational integrity, both internally and externally. It provides guidelines to employees on their required conduct when confronted with corruption, corrupt practices or corrupt propositions, and when working to prevent corruption.