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Here you can find examples of tasks we have previously helped Danish companies with.

Stakeholder analysis and organisation of meetings with key stakeholders in the water sector

As a large Danish company in the water sector was seeking to expand its presence in Uganda, it requested the Danish Embassy to conduct a full stakeholder analysis and on that basis provide a report with recommendations on who and what to focus on in order to expand market presence. In relation to the stakeholder analysis, the Embassy was also requested to set up meetings with key sector stakeholders for two visits to Kampala by a company representative to engage with. The stakeholder report and the meetings have led to several possible partnerships and business opportunities for the Danish company.

Oil sector market intelligence and monitoring

A Danish company with interest in the nascent oil sector in Uganda requested the Danish Embassy to assist with provision of market intelligence and monitoring of developments in the sector, not least in terms of the relevant legislative framework. The Embassy furthermore participated in relevant events on behalf of the company and facilitated contacts with key stakeholders. While a number of reports were delivered to the company, the Ugandan oil sector remains nascent.

Assistance with participation in bidding for public tender

A Danish company requested the Danish Embassy to acquire from the Uganda Communications Commission (UCC) tender documents in relation to the supply, installation and commissioning of an automated mail quality measuring system, as well as documents related to registration as a bidder. This required showing up in person and paying an administrative fee. The Embassy acquired the relevant documents and provided them to the Danish company.